You have heard of yoga, but you may not know that the word means union, the union between your mind and your body.

Learning to mindfully move the body is very important for healing and health. Stress manifests in physical tension, which creates stiffness and pain. We repeat patterns of behavior, including postural patterns, which cause us to feel limited by daily routines and to experience a life through habit rather than through conscious choice.

We can become aware of the unconscious toll we take on ourselves and begin to live a more capable, fulfilling life. Because all healing comes from within and is manifested by the individual, in Odyssey you will experience a customized approach to exercise, crafted by the practitioner, to lead you on the journey of enhancing your relationship with your moving body.

In Odyssey, our movement specialists teach deliberate movement and conscious breath. There are many disciplines to help you with this, including:  

— Somatics

— SomaTai

— Yoga

— Qi Gong

— Kung Fu

— Tai Chi

— Pilates

— Gyrotonics

— Gyrokinesis

— Traditional Personal Training

— Egoscue Postural Alignment

— Yoga Dance

— Journey Dance