Conventional Medicine and Psychotherapy

You may have a primary care physician (PCP) and specialists in the conventional medicine system. These individuals are an important part of your health care, and may have been caring for you during some difficult times. You may invite them to become part of your Odyssey Team, if you so desire.

Dr. Hayward, a board certified internist who practiced primary care internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital from 1992-2009, brings a conventional medicine perspective to your work in Odyssey. Depending upon what you feel you need you may want her to review medical records for you or speak with your primary or specialty care physicians.

Many people come to Odyssey taking medications from which they would like to become free. Dr. Hayward can collaborate with you and your conventional medicine team to help you with this goal.

If you have been involved in conventional talk therapy, Dr. Hayward can collaborate with your therapist, if you desire. Traumas from accidents, surgeries, abuse, neglect and abandonment are held in the body as "body memory." Dr. Hayward has experience in

somatic psychotherapy as well as internal and external family systems work. These engage with the effects on the body that your experiences have had, and allow for safe and lasting release. When combined with mind-body-spirit disciplines, movement and nutrition, the combination of therapies is a powerful way to clear old patterns and allow for healing.