The Art of Collaboration

Why Collaborate to Restore Health?

Disease is a result of imbalance in the body. Imbalances arise from past traumas such as neglect, abuse and abandonment, as well as accidents and surgeries. We may not appreciate the extent to which both our minds and our bodies have been affected by these traumas until we become ill.

How do my PCP and other doctors fit in?

You may have a primary care physician (PCP) and specialists in the conventional medicine system. These individuals are an important part of your health care, and may have been caring for you during some difficult times. They may become part of your Odyssey team, if you so desire.

Conventional Medicine and Mind-Body-Spirit Disciplines

While the conventional medicine system works well for acute trauma, infections and screening, its focus on imaging studies, pharmacology and interventions often does not fully serve the needs of those who want to heal from chronic conditions. Mind-body-spirit disciplines, when integrated with conventional care, often can lead to serving these needs more fully.

Because our Western culture cultivates the mind at the expense of the body, imbalances occur, our bodies suffer and disease can manifest. We need a balance between the mind and the body. We also acknowledge that no one discipline has all the answers, and a more holistic or collaborative approach is needed.

“It’s An Inside Job”

Because all healing comes from within, you are the center of your Odyssey team. 

The practitioners with whom you may work in Odyssey bring a mind-body-spirit approach to healing. We collaborate together, communicating with you and one another as a team to help in your healing process.

The Center of the Odyssey Team: You

The Objective of Odyssey Journey: Freedom

The mind, the body, and the spirit are important to the healing work in Odyssey. Our work breaks down into four general areas:

  — Mind-Body-Spirit Disciplines

  — Movement

  — Nutrition

  — Conventional Medicine